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Parts of transformers

Product Features

We are producing the part of Oil-immersed & Molded transformers. And we provide complete products from the production, processing and up to plating of copper bus according to customer's different design.

* Lead terminals : tinning product after plating copper on some of the aluminum. It has a conductivity meeting the KS standard and is replacing the copper.
* The parts of molded transformers : Because it is produced according to users' product specifications, you can reduce production cost and the charge of stock. Thus it is very easy to manage materials.

Specially, we have various types' mold of aluminium busbar.

♦ AL Busbar Mold

       3T  X  25, 50, 60
       6T  X  40, 50, 60, 70, 80
       8T  X  75, 80, 100
       9T  X  50, 60, 80
      10T  X  100
      12T  X  125
      15T  X  120, 125, 150

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