Constant Temp. & Humid. Chamber Product Information Constant Temp. & Humid. Chamber

Constant Temp. & Humid. Chamber

Major Features

- Because Temperature / Humidity regulator has PID digital program method, there is no setting and reading errors.

- Temperature / humidity control maintains the mutual balance of heating, refrigeration and dehumidification And it is stable and convenient by adopting a non-contact control system.

- it is eliminating temperature / Humidity deviation by adopting a circular manner installing special ventilation fan in the chamber while virtually.

- It is reducing drudgery by adopting an automatic water supply system for humidifier tank.

Manufacture Specifications

Dimension 500(W) X 500(D) X 600(H) 1,000(W) X 800(D) X 1,000(H)
Electric requirement AC 220V, 1ø or 3ø, 50~60Hz
Material Interior STS304 Polished Plate
Exterior STS304 &SS41 Powder Coating
Temp./Humid. working range -70℃ ~ +150℃ / 30 ~ 98% RH
Temp./Humid. controller 5.7” Color LCD Touch Screen Type
Temp./Humid. constancy ±0.3℃ / ±2.5% RH
Heating time -20℃ ~ +100℃ / 30 min
Cooling time +20℃ ~ -40℃ / 40 min
Air-flow Line Flow Fan(Sirocco Fan)
Refrigeration system Mechanical Pressure Refrigeration System(Air Cooling Type)
Refrigerant R-404A R-404A
Refrigeration capacity 1HP X 2SET 3HP X 2SET
Heater capacity 1.0kW X 2SET 1.5kW X 3SET
Humidity capacity 3.0kW Pipe Type
Safety device Overheat Protector, Fan Motor Overload Protector,
Refrigerator Overload Protector, High &Low Pressure Switch, etc.

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