Salt Water Spray Tester Product Information Salt Water Spray Tester

Salt Water Spray Tester

Major Features

- Internal / external material is designed and manufactured with corrosion resistant material and the distribution in the chamber is very precise with the method of tower spray.

- The temperature distribution in the chamber is very precise because test and air container are controlled by PID and SSR method.

- It is a device for evaluating the plating / coating film, the surface treatment of aluminum oxide film and the corrosion resistance of stainless steel materials.

- You can get reliable results of the tests because brine is uniformly sprayed in the test tank.

- It is designed and built by KSD-9502 / JIS-2-2371 specifications.

Manufacture Specifications

Dimension 900(W) X 600(D) X 600(H) 1,500(W) X 800(D) X 1,000(H)
Electric requirement AC 220V, 1ø or 3ø, 50~60Hz
Material Interior PVC Sample Stand or  PP Plate
Exterior STS304 Hairline Plate
Covers Clearness Acryl 10T
Temp./Humid. working range RT ~ +60℃
Temp./Humid. controller PID Digital Program Type
Temp./Humid. constancy ±1.5℃
Chamber Heater capacity 400W X 2SET 750W X 3SET
포화조 Heater capacity 300W Pipe Type 1.0kW Pipe Type
Safety device N.F.B, Over Temp Controller,  Magnet Over Load Protector, Exhaust Hole etc.

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