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Doosan’s broad range of CNC Turning Centers includes complex multitasking mill-turn centers, twin turret turning centers and small, medium and large lathes with optional live tooling, sub-spindles and Y-axis.


Part PUMA 240MB
Machining ability Max. Turning Diameter 300mm
Max. Turning Length 513mm
Draw Tube I.D. Φ65mm
Main Spindle(Main axis) Spindle Speed 4,500r/min
Travel Travel Distance X-axis 205mm
Z-axis 580mm
C-axis rotation angle 360(0.001) deg
Rapid traverse rate X-axis 24mm/min
Z-axis 30mm/min
Tool Number of Tools 12EA
Turning Tool Shank Size 25mm
Boring Bar Diameter Φ40mm

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